JTAG Software

The Software Concept of Embedded JTAG Solutions


The quality of Embedded JTAG Solutions is significantly determined by the performance and architecture of the used software. SYSTEM CASCON™ is a software platform with comprehensive tools for automated test program generation.

Today, the SYSTEM CASCON architecture is available in its fourth generation and is utilised on a global scale. Our development strategy is to secure investments already made by continuous updates and upgrades. 

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The main features of our software concept

  • a fully integrated software platform
  • maximum productivity due to intelligent tools
  • maximum safety for the test vectors
  • extended test depth for non-scannable circuitry
  • combination of state-of-the-art test and programming strategies
  • deep interaction and integration capability for other ATEs
  • maximum modularity and scalability
  • personalisation of the entire system (myCASCON)
  • support during the entire product life cycle
  • a portfolio containing more than 100 software tools and edition


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