Applications for Automotive Test Solutions

EOL Test for Automotive Applications

End-of-line (EoL) testers are responsible for testing the overall functionality of the product during the manufacturing process. Under the harsh conditions of the manufacturing environment, test systems must simulate all the relevant conditions, whilst at the same measuring the responses of the…

Run-In Test for Automotive Test Applications

Electronic control units in the vehicle are exposed to extreme ambient temperatures during their life cycle. Malfunctions and failures not only involve logistically complex repairs, but also pose a major safety risk in the vehicle itself.

Automotive manufacturers therefore require comprehensive and…

Automotive Test Application Prototype Test

Extensive testing to check technical parameters or integrated functions is conducted after completion of the development phase or even during development. Ambient conditions can be simulated and the responses of the equipment being tested can be recorded.

The prototype test is used for early…

Restbus Simulation for automotive applications

Despite the standardization efforts, the manageable number of bus systems for vehicle control unit networking is countered by a flood of different communication protocols and functional scopes.

To approach a control unit for test purposes via its communication interface, a great difficulty for…

Endurance Test for Automotive Applications

After completion of the development phase for new vehicle assemblies, the products are subjected to an endurance test. In this test procedure, all load parameters are run down thermally and electrically.

Haptics Test for Automotive Applications

The term “haptic” comes from the Greek and essentially means “tangible”.

Although an individual’s perception of the haptic properties of buttons and controls is subjective, they are a major factor in purchasing decisions.

Evidence of haptic quality is not just of interest in the design phase of…

ECU Test / Control Unit Test

The 62 Series is the latest, most powerful line of intrinsically intelligent communication and test controllers for ECU testing. Flexible channel configuration and a wide range of options are available.

[Translate to Englisch:] Netzwerktest

In Vehicle Network

Our network test systems check whether ECUs in electric vehicles send and receive data correctly and how they behave in the event of physical and protocol-specific violations. Modern vehicles - and in particular electric vehicles - are taking on more and more tasks and functions than just driving.…

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