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Markus Urbansky
Mr. Markus Urbansky

Function Test Systems for Individual Projects

Industrial products are becoming increasingly complex and require individually customized functional test systems.
GÖPEL electronic has many years of experience in the development, design and construction of such systems.

Right at the start of the project phase, we precisely define what your actual requirements are and what the functional test system has to achieve.

Quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability are in the development and manufacturing of a functional test system, quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability are of utmost importance. Our employees think and act according to these values.

The systems meet all requirements of the Machinery or Low Voltage Directive and comply with all occupational safety standards.

Our engineers and technicians plan, design and develop the systems and take care of handover and commissioning at your site.

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Markus Urbansky
Mr. Markus Urbansky

Design of an individual test system in six steps:

Analysis of Feasibility

  • organizational implementation
  • economic feasibility (e.g. financing, budget)​​
  • technical practicability
  • ressources and availability (e.g. manpower, machines, space, material and time)

Requirements and Specification

  • requirement analysis​​
  • definition of functionality (defined test specifications: e.g. power supply, bus control, calibration, output measurement, input control and readout)
  • determination of system requirements (e.g. emission values, energy consumption, noise generation, climatic conditions, upgradeability, flexible installation, user-friendliness)

Analysis and Concept

  • elaboration of the software architecture (LabView, C++, ...)
  • consulting in the selection of the necessary resources (performance of the computing unit, communication transmission)
  • reverse engineering (testing of finished product with insufficient test specification)
  • preparation of test and inspection concepts
  • creation of test sequences (mechanical positioning, start of test, communication with other systems)

Customer-specific test systems

  • development of test systems
  • development of contacting for complex UUTs (needle contacts, mating connectors)
  • complete setup, wiring and commissioning of the test system (also in-house production)

Software Development

  • structured implementation of the defined requirements
  • provision of all necessary resources
  • design, maintenance and analysis of databases (Big-Data, PPAT)
  • update  and release management
  • tools: LabView, PROGRESS

    Handover and commissioning

    • training and introduction to the test system
    • complete project documentation
    • support and consulting even after successful project completion
    • further maintenance activities and monitoring to ensure a permanent availability of your test system

    Do you already have concrete expectations of a function tester? Do you know what is important and what the test system should achieve?
    Then send us your configurations and key data that the tester should have and make a non-binding inquiry.

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