Embedded JTAG Solutions for your Production

Inline Systems | Embedded JTAG Solutions

Are you planning your new production line or in the middle of product development of a new electronic assembly and have reached the point of "test & programming"? RAPIDO, our multi-site programmer for inline programming and test brings a lightning-fast solution

JTAG stand-alone system

With the stand-alone systems for programming and testing, production is fast and efficient. With BARCUDA VP230 you get a complete solution for flexible testing and high-speed programming of electronic assemblies.

Standalone Desktop Solutions | Embedded JTAG Solutions

With our various options for standalone desktop solutions, we offer a complete solution for everyone. From our low-cost Boundary Scan SCANBOOSTER II, to our Professional Level Tester JULIET.

ATE Integration - JTAG/Boundary Scan

Since the Boundary Scan cannot detect all structures, good integration capability is another important feature. GÖPEL electronic has ATE partners with whom a successful integration of the Boundary Scan technology has already been carried out.

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