PILOT Connect

The control centre for linking all inspection systems

The PILOT Connect software provides a uniform interface and central data storage for networked inspection systems of a production line. PILOT Connect manages the inspected results of the electronic assemblies as well as the machine and operating data of connected AOI, AXI and SPI systems. In addition, the software handles communication to higher-level MES and tracebility systems. The results data from inspection systems of other manufacturers also flow into the central database. This is the key to a cross-manufacturer software solution for uniform classification and statistical evaluation of inspection results. Centrally stored inspection results are displayed and classified with the verification and repair station software PILOT Verify.  

  • clear representation of the AOl, AXI and SPI test data at a glance
  • interfaces via ME and traceability systems
  • integration with external systems possible

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Nuremberg, Germany

  • 06/11/ - 06/13/2024

Odense, Denmark

  • 09/03/ - 09/04/2024
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