CION Modules and CION-LX Modules™

CION Modules and CION-LX Modules are based on the CION(-LX)™ interface chip, also developed by GÖPEL electronic, and can be serially accessed and controlled through a TAP. They are external boundary scan extensions of the units under test and can be used to test peripheral I/Os, connectors, backplanes, bases, etc.

Several modules of the same or different size can easily be cascaded to increase the number of channels. We are offering CION(-LX) Modules in different versions.

Versions of CION Modules and CION-LX Modules

  • Standard - for integration in test fixtures
  • for (SO-)DIMM interfaces
  • Slot - as configurable PCI(e) card
  • Card Fixture - for test of PCI(e) card and cards with AMC interface

Standard CION Modules

  • CION Module/FXT48A
  • CION Module/FXT96
  • CION Module/FXT96A
  • CION Module/FXT114-S
  • CION Module/FXT192A

Standard CION-LX Modules

  • CION-LX Module/FXT32
  • CION-LX Module/FXT48A
  • CION-LX Module/FXT96
  • CION-LX Module/FXT192

ChipVORX I/O Modules

ChipVorx modules offer, besides pure boundary scan test channels, further slots and adapters to support different interfaces.

Here is more information on:

» ChipVORX Technology

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