Stand-alone Production Programmer for Embedded ISP

In-System Programming of Microcontrollers, Flash Components and PLD/FPGA

Are you looking for a stand-alone programming solution, but can do without overhead testing? FlashFOX® is a stand-alone production programmer that can easily be integrated into existing ATE systems. 

FlashFOX® programs microcontrollers, flash components and PLD/FPGAsusing debug and communication interfaces. Despite its compact design, FlashFOX® achieves the highest programming speeds. Both in the laboratory and production, the FlashFOX® works time and cost-efficiently because up to eight different DUTs can be programmed and validated simultaneously.

The system design consists of a compact master unit and extremely small remote PODs that ensure maximum signal integrity despite of high distances. Control is via hardware commands (stand-alone via ATE interface) or a host system. FlashFOX® serves different debug interfaces (such as JTAG, SWD or DAP) or communication interfaces (SPI, I²C or UART) on the DUT side. Dedicated programming drivers ensure the shortest possible programming times. 

Highlights FlashFOX®

  • support of many programmable devices, e.g. eMMC, NOR and NAND, CPLDs, FPGAs
  • programming interfaces e.g. SPI, SWD, I2C, JTAG, UART, DAP
  • real parallel high-speed programming
  • FlashFOX® control via GBit LAN, WLAN, USB 3.0, serial (RS232) or ATE interface
  • FlashFOX® master unit with up to 8 high-speed programming channels to the POD
  • very compact POD unit for easy integration into ATE systems
  • simple adaptation to existing systems on the hardware side
  • API available for easy software integration in existing systems
  • suitable for industrial use in 24/7 operation
  • dedicated programming drivers to ensure shortest programming times
  • anti-piracy protection (security)

Embedded In-System programming (ISP)

As an alternative to on-socket programming or pre-programmed microcontrollers/parallel memories, with embedded ISP the device is programmed in the already installed state (in the system). This means that no mechanical stress is placed on the circuit and firmware updates are simplified. 


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The expertise from GÖPEL electronic

We at GÖPEL electronic have years of experience in the field of JTAG/Boundary Scan. We have developed numerous test and programming solutions for electronics development and production with the advanced SCANFLEX II architecture.

FlashFOX® represents a native, logical extension of our embedded programming product portfolio.  In the field of Embedded JTAG Solutions, this is particularly suitable for the more demanding professional and expert level applications.

More about the programmer and its Embedded JTAG Solutions


  • FlashFOX

    Stand-alone production programmer for Embedded In-System Programming (ISP)

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  • Embedded JTAG Solutions

    Testing and programming every assembly

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