Secure e-mail communication with GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Communication with GÖPEL electronic via e-mail is only possible in encrypted form. Unencrypted e-mails are rejected by the company's e-mail gateway. These measures are up-to-date and absolutely necessary when processing trustworthy information.

GÖPEL electronic encrypts e-mails using the most current technology available.

The following standard technologies are applied:

  • Transport encryption between the e-mail systems using TLS in "mandatory" mode (preferred).
  • Additional optional encryption of e-mails at the e-mail encryption gateway using PGP or S/MIME

Notes on sending e-mails from external partners to GÖPEL electronic:

  1. SMTP with STARTTLS is used as protocol
  2. Issuer of certificates at GÖPEL electronic is currently SwissSign Group AG
  3. Please configure your e-mail servers in a way that e-mails to the GÖPEL domains must be sent with TLS. GÖPEL electronic enforces TLS when receiving e-mails from your domain.
  4. Your sender domain must have a valid SPF record.
  5. Please upgrade the GÖPEL-S/MIME certificate as domain certificate

Notes for sending e-mails from GÖPEL electronic to external partners:

  1. SMTP with STARTTLS is used as protocol
  2. E-mails are exclusively sent encrypted (TLS + optional S/MIME or PGP)
  3. Issuer of the certificates must be a Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  4. All employees of GÖPEL electronic send e-mails exclusively from the domain
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