Haptics Test for Automotive Applications

The term “haptic” comes from the Greek and essentially means “tangible”.

Although an individual’s perception of the haptic properties of buttons and controls is subjective, they are a major factor in purchasing decisions.

Evidence of haptic quality is not just of interest in the design phase of the mechanical components. Faults or technological uncertainties in the installation process can result in impairment of the haptic properties of individual controls or keypads.

It is therefore obvious to integrate the haptics test with 100 % test coverage in the end-of-line test in component manufacture.

The tests are used for operating elements such as keyboards, steering wheel controls, telephones or in the production of ignition keys.

Test solutions from evaluation and small series to EoL systems

  • 15 mm z-axis travel with force and displacement measurement
  • automatic curve sketching for button and touch inputs
  • pass/fail evaluation based on definable limits
  • raw data logging
  • force/displacement measurement for switch-point determination, expandedable with additional analogue, digital and bus channels

Stand-alone system with one measuring section

Haptik EK

  • xy table for positioning
  • intuitive user interface for parameterisation of test points and force-controlled slide movements
  • optional measurement technology for electrical function test with reaction-free of sleep current

Integration into production lines

Haptik IA

  • single or multi-station systems
  • for integration into a production line
  • diverse database and traceability interface
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