Direct Copper Bonded Substrate inspection with Vario Line · 3D SPI

Vario Line · 3D SPI

The inline system for detection of voids (air pockets) on Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) Substrates

With the highly accurate 3D imaging technology, the system is able to quickly detect voids on DCB substrates from a height of 10 µm. Faults in the structure of the copper layers are reliably detected.


  • high-precision 3D image acquisition through fringe projection technology without moving parts
  • double-sided projection for 100 % shadow-free measurement
  • speed-optimised camera head


  • PILOT SPI - the operator software
  • touchscreen interface
  • improved algorithms and inspection functions for void inspection
  • summary of results from front and back for double-sided inspection
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Do you need help?

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