I/O Modules

Testing beyond the limits of a DUT and the adaptation of interfaces is an integral part of many test specifications and systems. For example, digital signals on connectors, but also analogue voltages, must be measured and verified on a regular basis.

GÖPEL electronic offers a wide range of separately controlled modules with a variety of test functions (analogue / digital / mixed-signal). In addition to the Multiple Purpose Ports (MPP) of our SCANFLEX II controllers, the different I/O modules offer more digital channels, higher voltage ranges and also differential test capabilities. For many modules, the VarioCore technology enables dynamic reconfiguration of the active test functions on the basis of software-definable intellectual property (IP).

These I/O modules can be controlled independently of other system resources via the SFX/LS interface. If only one module is required, it can be plugged directly into an SFX II CUBE controller.
Alternatively, the I/O modules can be plugged into a module carrier, the SFX carrier, which is then connected to an SFX II controller (SFX II CUBE, SFX II BLADE (incl. derivatives)) via SFX/LS cable (1m). These module carriers are installed in a box and are available to accommodate up to 5, 10 or 15 I/O modules.

SCANFLEX I/O Module *   VarioCore Mountable on
Mountable on
SFX-5212 Digital I/O Module with 12 Driver/Sensor Channels
SFX-5296 Digital I/O Module with 96 Test Channels
SFX-5296/LX Mixed-Signal I/O Module with 96 Test Chanels
SFX-5350 Differential I/O Module with 50 Test Channels
SFX-5704 Mixed-Signal I/O Module with 4 Test Channels
SFX-6216 Analogue Input Module with 16 Measurement Channels
SFX-6308 Analogue I/O Module with four Driver/Measurement Channels
SFX-9305 Multi Port Bus I/O Module for 5 Bus Access Cable
* Further information on the single modules can be found in the Product Overview or in the Webshop.

The solution for testing interfaces

Bus Access Cable (BAC)

With the additional BAC modules, an I/O bus (interface) can be tested for functionality. A Bus Access Cable (BAC) is plugged into one of the 5 slots of the SFX-9305. The name indicates for which I/O bus the corresponding BAC is used. Complex test functions (e.g.: Ethernet Ping for (BAC)9305-LAN10/100) are automatically provided by CASLAN extensions when the corresponding module is used.


Available BAC Modules

  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-USB2.0/H
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LAN10/100
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-USB2.0/S
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-RS232
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-RS422/485
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-CAN/HS
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-CAN/LS
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LIN
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LAN1G
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