Analog Modules

PXI 3218 - Voltage input and output module with 32 channels

In a large number of applications, it is necessary to generate analog signals or convert them into digital patterns. The following modules help to solve these tasks.

These output modules can be used especially for the generation of synchronous analog signals (waveforms). For the acquisition and evaluation of analog signals, a comparator module is available which carries out a pass/fail evaluation directly.

These modules can be used in functional test systems based on CompactPCI or PXI. These modules can also be used for individual applications in which analog signals have to be generated or evaluated.

PXI 3218

Common reference potential (Gnd) for 16 inputs and 16 outputs

  • Application part isolated from user interface (Earth) Uiso < 1.6 kV DC
  • PXI hybrid version
  • available as USB rack version or as stand-alone device with USB 2.0 or Gb-Ethernet connection

PXI 3218

16 (single ended) bzw. 8 (differential) voltage inputs

  • Input signal level from -30 V to +30 V (optional ±70 V)
  • Resolution 1 mV/LSB (16 Bit)
  • max. sampling rate 125 kS/s (fixed channel), min. sampling rate 23.7 kS/s (auto scan)
  • integrated comparator function with two threshold evaluations

PXI 3218

16 Voltage Outputs

  • Output signal level from ±2.5 V to ±10 V (optional ±30 V or ±70 V)
  • Resolution 16 Bit
  • max. update rate 1 MS/s (fixed channel), min. update rate 250 kS/s (all channel)
  • integrated memory of 1024 data words per channel for output of arbitrary waveforms

More about Analog Modules


Here you can find a further analog voltage and current input module with integrated current sink

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