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In electronics manufacturing, error analysis is crucial for quality assurance and process optimisation. PILOT Statistics is the software when it comes to intelligently and comprehensively analysing data from AOI, AXI and SPI systems. In addition to analysing errors, the software also evaluates human verification decisions, providing a clear overview of production processes.

Comprehensive analysis through linked evaluation

Thanks to the integrated analysis of data from various inspection systems, PILOT Statistics enables precise localisation of problems in production. If an irregularity is detected exclusively in the AOI inspection and not in the SPI, this indicates that the fault is not in the paste print, but during the placement or soldering process.

The local defect distribution view provides a clear and intuitive visualisation of the areas where defects occur more frequently. This visualisation makes it easier to identify patterns and hotspots where defects are concentrated.

From macro to micro with drill down

The drill-down functionality allows effortless navigation from large amounts of data down to a single error, enables detailed analyses and facilitates the identification of specific sources of problems.


Versatile use of PILOT Statistics

For heads of department

The regular generation of reports with the export function ensures a continuous overview of production quality.

In the manufacturing

Live statistics are used to immediately identify and address problems that arise at short notice.

For quality and manufacturing managers

By analysing the data over days, weeks or months, it is possible to optimise the overall process.

Designer mode and pre-defined templates

The innovative designer mode offers the creation of customised statistics by dragging and dropping data fields such as "defect class", "product name" and "part number" onto various chart elements such as bar charts, tables or pie charts. This enables an analysis adapted to the production process and helps to localise problems in a targeted manner and develop efficient solution strategies. In addition, our ready-made templates for frequently required analyses make it easier to get started and support the efficient analysis of production data.


Export data

All analyses can be conveniently exported as PDF or Excel files for further usage and presentation.

Discover PILOT Statistics and navigate safely through your production data.



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