Latest test and inspection solutions from GÖPEL electronic at SMTconnect 2024

THT and SMT inspection equipment

GÖPEL electronic will be demonstrating automated test and inspection equipment at SMTconnect, taking place in Nuremberg from June 11 to 13, 2024. Attendees are invited to visit booth 4A-227, where we will discuss trends in quality assurance and illustrate how flexible THT and SMT inspection equipment can be configured to meet specific, and often unique, electronics manufacturing requirements.

GÖPEL electronic’s THT Line · 3D is a reliable AOI solution for the inspection of THT components, THT solder joints, and wave soldered SMT components. While a top-side camera module inspects THT components for presence, correctness, and alignment, a second 3D camera module below the transport conveyor simultaneously and independently inspects THT pins and solder joints, alleviating the need to flip the PCB-A. The latest version of this system features telecentric optics for optimal imaging quality with frequently changing board designs and transport carriers. The system’s Reflex Reducer enables the measurement of critical solder joints and pins whose observation was previously only possible to a limited extent or not at all. 

The efficient MultiEyeS plus automatic optical inspection (AOI) module has been amended with augmented reality (AR) based assembly assistance. A laser projector integrated into the AOI module provides guidance by displaying placement information, such as position or component type, directly in the operator's field of vision. Reproducible and reliable failure detection, directly at THT assembly stations in conjunction with AR-based assistance, ultimately helps to continuously improve the quality of products that include manual assembly steps.

Vario Line · 3D X300 distinguishes itself through superior failure detection and high test speed. The system is available with a new 3D camera module, providing excellent optical quality regarding projection and image capture. The system’s 3D technology allows measurement of components up to 35 mm tall as well as the inspection of optically critical surfaces with a large dynamic range. 

Software plays a key role in AOI and AXI solutions. GÖPEL electronic’s new AOI system software PILOT AOI Version 7 provides numerous new functions, with focus on performance and ease-of-use. This software is capable to automatically generate Gerber data from a bare board, which especially helps small and medium-sized CM/EMS companies which may do not have access to such data. The award-winning MagicClick function can then be used to automatically generate inspection programs.  

GÖPEL electronic’s presence at the show will also include live demonstrations of electrical test and programming applications from the company’s Embedded JTAG Solutions division. The stand-alone programmer FlashFOX, which has been honored with the productronica innovation award, is a groundbreaking embedded in-system programming (ISP) solution in terms of time and cost reductions for electronics manufacturing. FlashFOX can program a variety of components including microcontrollers, flash components, and PLD/FPGA which are mounted on PCB-A.

The range of embedded JTAG solutions is complemented by the JTAG Unlimited Tester, JULIET, for electrical test in manufacturing. The desktop tester contains all necessary system electronics and features quick DUT adaptation using an exchangeable fixture cassette, all in a compact form factor. 

GÖPEL electronic at SMTconnect

GÖPEL electronic at SMTconnect

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