SCANFLEX系统中的第三种主要组件是可选配的I/O模块。通过SFX/LS接口,以独立于系统中任何其他资源的方式对I/O模块进行控制。如果需要的SCANFLEX I/O模块数量非常少(仅需要1至2个模块),则可将模块直接插入TAP收发器,从而避免任何额外的布线。


SCANFLEX I/O模块用于通过附加测试仪器和编程资源,扩展边界扫描系统的性能和功能,具有高度的模块化和可扩展性,可以匹配任何特定的测试/ ISP应用。通过GÖPEL电子工程服务,提供标准模块的具体定制化更改和定制化模块的开发。

SCANFLEX I/O Module *   VarioCore Mountable on
Mountable on
SFX-5212 Digital I/O Module with 12 Driver/Sensor Channels
SFX-5296 Digital I/O Module with 96 Test Channels
SFX-5296/LX Mixed-Signal I/O Module with 96 Test Chanels
SFX-5350 Differential I/O Module with 50 Test Channels
SFX-5704 Mixed-Signal I/O Module with 4 Test Channels
SFX-6216 Analogue Input Module with 16 Measurement Channels
SFX-6308 Analogue I/O Module with four Driver/Measurement Channels
SFX-9305 Multi Port Bus I/O Module for 5 Bus Access Cable
* Further information on the single modules can be found in the Product Overview or in the Webshop.

The solution for testing interfaces

Bus Access Cable (BAC)

With the additional BAC modules, an I/O bus (interface) can be tested for functionality. A Bus Access Cable (BAC) is plugged into one of the 5 slots of the SFX-9305. The name indicates for which I/O bus the corresponding BAC is used. Complex test functions (e.g.: Ethernet Ping for (BAC)9305-LAN10/100) are automatically provided by CASLAN extensions when the corresponding module is used.


Available BAC Modules

  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-USB2.0/H
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LAN10/100
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-USB2.0/S
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-RS232
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-RS422/485
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-CAN/HS
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-CAN/LS
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LIN
  • Bus Access Cable (BAC) 9305-LAN1G

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