Combined test technologies for Intel® Arria 10 SoCs

Using the Intel SoC as test and programming tool with VarioTAP and ChipVORX model libraries

GOEPEL electronic announces the availability of VarioTAP® and ChipVORX® models for Intel® Arria System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions. Chips of this type combine the FPGA logic with a so-called Hard Processor System (HPS) in a single package. Using the VarioTAP and ChipVORX models, allows the integrated processors as well as the FPGA logic to become embedded instruments for test and programming of the solutions they are fitted to. VarioTAP uses the native debug port to control test operations and programming functions via the processor elements. The ChipVORX technology exploits the capability of using FPGA embedded instruments in form of softcore IP (Intellectual Property) in the FPGA elements. Together they enable the SoC and associated circuitry to be tested using a variety of advanced options such as full speed RAM Access Test, Clock Frequency Measurement, serial and parallel Flash programming and Bit Error Rate Test (BERT).

The Intel® Arria SoCs are manufactured in a 20 nm technology with integrated processor system. The models are integrated in FBGA with up to 1932 Pins. Packages of this type complicate the access via external instruments. ChipVORX has been developed to provide effective tools with minimal access requirements for test, hardware debugging, Flash programming and design validation after chip mounting. Both IP technologies are fully integrated in the GOEPEL software platform SYSTEM CASCON™ and highly automated, taking the test capabilities far above the basic Boundary Scan testing usually associated with accessing a device by the JTAG port. The Intel® SoCs find their application mainly in the fields of communication, medical, broadcast and military.

Intel® Arria 10 SoC

Intel® Arria 10 SoC

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