VarioTAP emulation test expanded to include Automotive-SoC R-Car H3 by Renesas

Processor emulation available for new processor

GOEPEL electronic is extending the VarioTAP® technology for universal processor emulation to the R-Car H3 SoCs (System-on-Chip) by Renesas. This will enable the processor to be converted into a design-integrated test and programming tool using the controller for the native debug port. The VarioTAP® model includes all the relevant access details for the respective target processor and forms part of a comprehensive IP library (Intellectual Property). As a result, users can use the processor as a native tool for hardware design validation of prototypes, for production testing and for programming Flash modules.

Thanks to the new VarioTAP® model, these techniques are now possible for the R-car H3 SoCs, too. This is the third generation of the R-Car automotive computing platform. Its main areas of application are security and support systems in vehicles and infotainment systems. R-Car H3 SoCs come in the form of a 1255-pin SiP (System-in-Chip) or 1384-pin Flip Chip BGA.

No direct contact with external tools is permitted with these packages. The aim of VarioTAP®, for example, is to make tools embedded in the design available - after installation of the chips - for testing, for hardware debugging, for Flash programming and for design validation.



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