TRI test systems now can be extended with Embedded JTAG solutions

Higher test coverage available for TR5001 SII Series units

GOEPEL electronic has expanded the integration solution for TRI's ICT-FCT combination systems. From now on, the devices of the TR5001 SII Series are also supported, enabling users to achieve an even higher test coverage.

The existing integration package for connecting the SYSTEM CASCON software platform and the Embedded JTAG Solutions from GÖPEL electronic to the In-Circuit Tester TR5001 from TRI has been extended to support the latest generation TR5001 SII Series. The hardware and software interfaces were adapted to the new environment and thus fit optimally into a combined tester concept. The basic configuration with the JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller SCANFLEX II CUBE and an additional relay module as a plug-in card with Virginia Panel Connector (VPC) for galvanic isolation of the signals has been retained, so that an upgrade of an existing system to the new version can also be realised without additional effort. The execution of test sequences created via the SYSTEM CASCON platform from GÖPEL electronic is still performed via easy-to-use test steps in the TRI test plan.
The support of the new tester generation TR5001 SII Series opens up to users all associated improvements and extensions also in connection with the Embedded JTAG Solutions. This applies in particular to the possibility of parallel testing of several assemblies via the flexible multi-core concept, an additional function in SYSTEM CASCON for analogue measurement of signals, and the use of the completely revised user interface of the In-Circuit Tester. Furthermore, the interactive tests have been further developed, in which SYSTEM CASCON actively includes the digital ICT channels of the system in the test generation and execution, thus significantly increasing the overall test coverage.

JTAG/Boundary Scan and Embedded JTAG Solutions for TRI TR5001 SII Series

Embedded JTAG Solutions Integration in TR5001 SII Series

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions ATE

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