Successful certification in the JOSCAR supplier portal

Ensures quality standards and optimises workflows

In order to guarantee and secure high-quality solutions, the standardised implementation of procedures and processes is a matter of course for GÖPEL electronic.  This quality claim is underlined by the successful certification in the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register of the organisation Hellios. Hellios is a supplier information and risk management company that collects, validates and monitors data provided by suppliers and develops a database with accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers. In this way, Hellios enables more effective compliance with customer requirements for companies thanks to a single process.

JOSCAR is a cross-industry collaboration solution to make the process of pre-qualification or accreditation as simple and efficient as possible. Tasks and processes are carried out with fewer resources and bundled for multiple customers at the same time.

"With JOSCAR, it takes less effort to drive joint projects for our partners and clients. It simplifies our workflow, reduces workflows and optimises communication channels," explains Elisa Richter, Information Security Officer at GOEPEL electronic. "For us as a supplier, we can guarantee customers without detours that we meet the necessary norms and standards and comply with customer requirements" she adds.

With such a uniform standard, we guarantee optimal management systems and procedures that ensure product quality at the same time. It reduces time and expenses, improves processes and the customer's needs are addressed in a more targeted way.

Successful certification in the JOSCAR supplier portal
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