SCANFLEX II controller sets new standards

Multifunctional SFX II PXIe even more flexible and powerful

The second PXIe controller extends GÖPEL electronic's new SFX II range of JTAG/Boundary Scan controllers.

The SFX II PXIe C4/LX applies a new test and validation methodology that uses instruments embedded in the design to test and program complex boards with greatly reduced physical access.

In this context, the multifunctional mixed signal controller provides a unified control platform with four independent, truly parallel Test Access Ports (TAP) for up to 100MHz. This enables the synchronised execution of embedded test, debug and programming operations via boundary scan (IEEE1149.x), processor emulation, chip integrated instruments or the embedded diagnostics method.

The performance of the JTAG/Boundary Scan controller SFX II PXIe C4/LX has a fundamental influence on the practical feasibility of embedded test technologies. Due to its multifunctional architecture, it offers almost unlimited possibilities to combine all technologies, including mixed signal tests, flexibly and with highest performance on only one platform. This solution approach not only offers the advantage of a significantly improved test depth for complex boards even without the use of needles, but it also minimises the number of necessary instruments. For example, it can realise the detection and diagnosis of dynamic faults through embedded functional tests. High-speed in-system programming (ISP) for flash components is possible without using micro-controllers and PLD/FPGA stand-alone programs. With a variety of special extension and configuration features, the SFX II PXIe C4/LX is already prepared for future embedded technologies for testing, validation, debugging and programming. Using the PXI Express platform, external functional tests can be easily combined with embedded procedures.

The system is suitable for both development and production. Thus, the application range extends from design verification of prototypes, hardware debugging, programming of flash to gang testing of high volume quantities and diagnosis of defective assemblies from the field to obtain the necessary repair information. At the same time, the new controller is compatible with the PXIe products of the first SCANFLEX generation.

New SFX II range of JTAG/Boundary Scan controllers


Created by Christina Schellbach | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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