Measuring a large number of analog voltages quickly and easily

Test of low-voltage applications and automotive applications with higher voltages

The SFX/VPC-AMC128 (Analog Measurement Card) is a new test extension module. It can be used to measure and test analog voltages on 128 channels. The module can be easily integrated into the in-line test system RAPIDO from GOEPEL electronic, as well as into customer-specific test systems.

The analog measurement card is based on 8 separate AD converters. Each can convert two channels, enabling up to 16 channels to be converted simultaneously, which means that up to 16 DUTs can be tested simultaneously in a parallel test.

Each channel can be configured and started independent of its measuring range. This makes it easy to test and measure a wide range of voltages in three different measuring ranges. Thus, both low-voltage applications and automotive applications with higher voltages (for example, 48V) can be fully supported. Each channel has an input resistance of > 1 MOhm to avoid loading the hardware to be tested and effecting accuracy of the measured values.

The SFX/VPC-AMC128 is controlled by a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface, which allows easy integration into other test systems. Depending on the application, the module can be configured using the Embedded JTAG Solutions Software SYSTEM CASCON; when used in other test systems, configuration via a web interface using any browser is possible, providing, for example, remote access and targeted assistance in troubleshooting worldwide.

SFX/VPC-AMC128 (Analog Measurement Card)

SFX/VPC-AMC128 (Analog Measurement Card)

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions Produktion
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