Integrated test of digital and analogue I/O signals

Increasing test coverage when using test adapters

The new CION-LX Module/FXT32 increases the test coverage when using test adapters in conjunction with JTAG/Boundary Scan. The module is integrated into the boundary-scan chain as a parallel I/O module. Analogue voltage measurements can be carried out via the analogue features of the integrated CION-LX module, which usually is not possible for pure boundary-scan tests without additional hardware.

The test extension hardware CION-LX Module/FXT32 can be optimally integrated into test fixtures due to its small size. The ultra-compact design, coupled with the high level of functionality provided by the CION-LX mixed-signal module, allows both digital and analogue tests to be performed directly in the proximity of the DUT in the test fixture. The module can be cascaded as required, so that additional I/O signals can also be made available. All I/O signals and the power supply are routed on standard 2.54 mm pin headers, which are also optimally suited for wire-wrap connections in test adapters. A total of 32 multifunctional boundary scan single-ended test channels are provided. Each of these test channels can be freely programmed in its data direction (input, output, bi-directional and tristate). In addition, 8 differential signal pairs are available which, due to their IEEE1149.6 support, are optimally suited for performing boundary scan tests beyond coupling capacitors.  The integrated, programmable power manager makes it very easy to adapt the I/O level groups to the respective DUT.

CION-LX Module/FXT32

CION-LX Module/FXT32

Created by Matthias Müller | | Embedded JTAG Solutions
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