Innovative MultiEyeS plus for smart inspection and best assembly quality

With the new generation of the MultiEyeS plus, GÖPEL electronic presents an innovative further development of the inspection solution for THT placement.

MultiEyeS plus is a smart automatic optical inspection module for integration into assembly and THT assembly stations. The module is able to safely and reliably check the presence, position and colour of THT components. In addition, the reading of labelled or lasered 2D codes or barcodes as well as the recognition of texts are among the strengths of the system. Due to the direct integration of the module at the location of the placement or assembly process, errors during placement or assembly can be detected and corrected in real time. This makes a significant contribution to the optimisation of such manual processes.

From a technical point of view, the module is characterised by the consistent use of modern image recording and illumination technologies. The 47 megapixel image capture unit, which is equipped with a flexible LED illumination system, ensures the highest image quality and detailed resolution with an inspection area of up to 650 mm x 450 mm. Optionally, the system offers user-guided assistance during placement by projecting information into the operator's field of view through the integration of a powerful laser projector. In addition, this technology also makes the defects detected by the AOI during assembly visible directly on the PCB.

"The outstanding features of the inspection system MultiEyeS plus are the result of the perfectly fitting combination of innovative image acquisition concepts with a powerful and user-friendly software" says Dr. Jörg Schambach, Product Manager for Machine Vision at GÖPEL electronic. "The provision of high-resolution and optimally illuminated brilliant images is the basic prerequisite for defects to be reliably detected by the software algorithms," he adds.

Reproducible and reliable defect detection directly at assembly and THT placement stations enables immediate identification and correction of defects right where they occur. This helps to continuously improve the quality of products with manual assembly or placement.

MultiEyeS plus
Created by Christina Schellbach | | Inspection Solutions AOI

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