Hands-on technology and an individual lecture programme at the ETFN

How are the increasing challenges of electronics manufacturing being tackled?

The 8th ETFN Electronics Technology Forum North in Hamburg will provide answers to these and other exciting questions on 7 and 8 June. The platform is the perfect meeting place for electronics manufacturing experts who are enthusiastic about new process technologies, theoretical considerations and current research results.

The perfect mix of theory and practice makes the forum particularly varied and offers visitors the opportunity to experience "hands-on technology" in the virtual production line with 13 renowned exhibitors as well as to attend an individual specialist lecture programme.

GÖPEL electronic has been present since the first Forum and cannot be missing in the eighth edition of the ETFN. We will present the latest technologies in the areas of inspection (AOI/AXI) as well as embedded JTAG solutions with exciting lectures and live equipment and provide the attendees with tools to detect and minimise manufacturing failures.

Interested parties will learn in the lecture "Reducing test points on electronics in a sensible way" how to make the appropriate selection of the effective electrical test strategy with regard to saving time and costs while at the same time ensuring quality. "The road to autonomous inspection - how artificial intelligence is already revolutionising AOI and AXI systems and will do so in the future" is the title of the second technical paper. Using practical examples, it shows how the use of AI in inspection systems can already save personnel resources and reduce inspection costs.

The stand-alone AOI system Basic Line · 3D offers "hands-on technology". It is a cost-effective 3D AOI alternative for electronics manufacturers with very small batch sizes. The many variants and settings of lighting and camera make the system a very accurate and fast inspection machine. It features convenient defect classification via keyboard and can also be used as a stand-alone repair station. In addition, our experts will present the powerful embedded JTAG technologies using demo demonstrations and equipment. The aim is to illustrate the possibilities of the diverse embedded JTAG solutions. Visitors will have the opportunity to ask and discuss individual questions about our proven testing and inspection solutions.

8th ETFN Electronics Technology Forum North in Hamburg
Created by Christina Schellbach | | Embedded JTAG Solutions Inspection Solutions

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