Central Verification of Inspection Results from Several Systems

Software package integrates inspection systems from other manufacturers

With PILOT Supervisor, GOEPEL electronic presents a new software module for the central verification of test results from different inspection systems and production lines. From a separate classifying station, an operator can evaluate the inspection result of different production lines. The usual equipment of the workstations in the respective lines can be omitted. One highlight of the software package is the integration of inspection systems (AOI, AXI, SPI) from other manufacturers. This includes both error display and statistical evaluation. In addition, when several operators are used, the responsibilities for the respective systems or production lines can be defined flexibly.

PILOT Supervisor is a new model of the data management software PILOT Connect and is seamlessly integrated into the superordinate central data management of all information and results, generated or required in the inspection process.CAD data, user data, system master data and inspection results are stored and administered uniformly in a database system. This can be realized by MySQL, MS-SQL or Oracle. In addition, PILOT Connect allows a uniform MES connection regarding to Industry 4.0. Depending on the production-specific system used, different communication options with PILOT Connect are available.

AOI and AXI fault images overview

AOI and AXI fault images overview

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