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Vehicle Seat Test Scenarios

Here you will find an overview of the test scenarios and tests offered for vehicle seats by GÖPEL electronic.


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  • Function test of Ventilation and Heating
  • Electrical test of resistance, current and voltage
  • Flow measurement
  • Test via Control Unit, Coding
  • Testing via resistance
  • Recording of Thermal Images

Our Solutions:

End-of-Line test platforms for vehicle seats

Interior lighting inspection

Function test of

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Leg room Lighting

Our Solution

End-of-Line Test platform for vehicle seats

Head rest

Testing and control of

  • Airscarf (Heating and Ventilation)
  • Headspace heating
  • Gearbox
  • Headrest bracket
  • Standardisation
  • Motor synchronisation
  • Headrest Pull Test

Our Solutions:

End-of-Line test platform for vehicle seats

Safety Systems

Testing of safety functions such as 

  • Seatbelt buckle
  • Seatbelt retractor
  • Airbag
  • Seatbeltreminder (SBR)
  • PSIS (Pre-Safe Impulse side)
  • ISVS (Intelligent seat adjustment Switch)

Our Solutions:

End-of-Line Test Platforms for vehicle seats

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Function test and testing of 

  • Media/Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
  • Speakers

Our Solutions:

Seat position

Testing and checking of

  • Standardisation
  • Delivery position
  • Seat structure
  • SPS (Seat Position Sensor) / STPS (Seat Tracking Position Sensor)

Acoustic testing for all seats such as

  • full electric seats with and without Memory
  • partially electric seats
  • mechanical seats

Our solutions:

  • Acoustic analysis on airbourne and structure-bourne sound
  • Test platform for electric motors and electric drives
  • Programmable Automotive Multibus Controller
    Series 62
  • End-of-Line test platform for vehicle seats
    OsCAR smart / advanced

Seat Occupancy Recognition

Manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic simulation and testing of seat occupancy sensors/mats (Body Sense / CIS / SBR / PODS)

Our Solutions:

ECU/Control Test

  • Testing the SecOC (Secure Onboard Communication)
  • Restbus simulation for control units with security functions
  • Executing diagnostic routines based on CAN & LIN as well as the diagnostic protocols
  • Dataset-Download, Coding/Parameter setting, Standardisation, Adaptation, Closed-circuit current measurement
  • Checking of parts and serial numbers

Our Solutions:

End-of-Line testing for vehicle seats

Programmable Automotive Multibus Controller


Function testing the comfort functions

  • Massage and Lumbar support (electric/pneumatic)
  • Side bolster test (electric/pneumatic)
  • Pressure distribution

Additional applications:

  • Noise measurement
  • Pneumatic test (Pressure and flow measurement,  leakage measurement, preperation of H-point measurement)

Our Solutions:

Robot based seat control testing

  • Motion-controlled operation of buttons, levers and rotary elements (Lumbar support, massage, seat adjustment switches) 
  • Application of seat occupancy detection tools (e.g. Body Sense, SBR-Weight)
  • Insertion and removal of the seat belt buckle latch

Our Solution:

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