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I/O Modules

The third major component in a SCANFLEX system is the optional I/O Module. These I/O modules are controlled independently from any other resources in the system through the SFX/LS interface. If the number of required SCANFLEX I/O Modules is very small (only 1 to 2 modules needed) the modules can be plugged directly onto the TAP-Transceiver, eliminating any additional cabling.

SCANFLEX I/O Modules are used to extend the performance and capabilities of the Boundary Scan system with additional test instruments and programming resources, highly modular and scalable to match any specific test/ISP application. Custom specific modifications of standard modules and development of custom modules are offered through GÖPEL electronic’s engineering services.

Alternatively, I/O modules can be put into SCANFLEX Carriers, connected to the Controller or the TAP Transceiver through a SFX/LS cable (0.5 m/1.5f t, 1 m/3 ft, 3 m/10 ft, or 5 m/15 ft). These carriers are built in a desktop box and available in different sizes to carry 5, 10 or 15 I/O modules.

I/O Modul SFX-5296
Digital I/O module featuring 96 independent asymmetrical channels. I/O voltage levels between 0.9 V and 3.6 V
Desktop SCANFLEX Carrier for 5 SFX I/O Modules
Desktop SCANFLEX Carrier for 5 SFX I/O Modules
I/O Module SFX-5704 with TAP Transceiver
I/O Module SFX-5704 plugged on a TAP4 Transceiver