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Overview about Automotive BUS interfaces


CAN for Automotive Tests

The CAN bus enables the serial data exchange of connected control units. Communication takes place via an unshielded, twisted two-wire line. The communication partners have equal rights, there is no master-slave principle. The priority of a message is controlled by so-called identifiers. Typically, several CAN networks are used in the vehicle, which are connected to each other via gateways. …


Automotive Ethernet Tests

Easy CON Media Converter converts the physical transmission layer from 2-pin BroadR-Reach Ethernet to Standard 10Base-T/100Base-Tx Ethernet

LIN Bus for Automotive Tests

LIN bus interface for automotive tests

The LIN bus is a serial communication system for networking sensors and actuators. The fieldbus is suitable for test systems in the automotive industry. Find out all about our hardware products with LIN control and


FlexRay Controllers

The FlexRay controllers are bus analysis and validation tools with bus analyzer, bus simulator, trigger unit & error simulator. The serial fieldbus system is suitable for FlexRay applications and test systems in the automotive industry.


Test of displays or camera systems with LVDS interface

Generation and Analysis of Video Data with frame grabber, frame generator in one system. Our highlight: the Video Dragon! Here you can learn everything about LVDS components from GÖPEL electronic.

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