Company History

In 1991 a group of experienced employees...

... from the measurement and testing technology department of the state-owned Carl Zeiss Jena collective recognised the signs of the times and founded their own company - GÖPEL electronic GmbH.


Initially, the young founders had outstanding technical expertise in the area of computer-controlled testing technology. They also developed the most innovative testing procedure of the time for electronic components and flat Assemblies: JTAG/Boundary Scan.


Over the following years new challenges and opportunities opened up thanks to rapid developments in the electronics industry. Today, the Embedded JTAG Solutions division develops solutions for testing and programming complex electronics based on the JTAG platform.

Over time it also became clear that...

...the visual inspection of assemblies was vital. After initial experiments with testing systems for porcelain plates and counter scales, in 1992 they introduced inline and stand-alone solutions for printed circuit boards. Testing systems became increasingly more complex. The portfolio was subsequently expanded to include fully-automatic X-ray systems and solder paste inspection systems, today part of the "Inspection Solutions" division.


From the beginning, customised testing systems for the automotive industry were an important part of GÖPEL electronic's range of services. The "Automotive Test Solutions" division was developed as an established supplier of control unit tests and bus communication, and today its products and solutions are used by leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Furthermore, the "Industrial Function Test"...

...division's user-specific testing systems are ideally suited to the automation of the testing process. These systems have so many applications as a function test; integrated into a production line, as the testing system for an end product or in a repair work station.

In 1996 the company achieved recognition by being included in the Federal Ministry of the Economy's TOP programme, and since then GÖPEL electronic has been ranked among the top 250 model companies in Germany.

GÖPEL electronic's global presence has also increased: in 1998 a sales and service office opened in the USA. Sites in China, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia soon followed.

Employee numbers at the headquarters in Jena, Germany increased requiring the periodical construction of new company buildings. In 2003, 2009 and 2017 new production and office areas were added in order to accommodate the 240 employees.

In 2018, the baton was passed to the next generation. Alice Göpel took over from her father as Managing Director. In the following year 2019, the success story continued with exceeding the 40 million sales mark. The foundation stone was laid in 1991, leading to the company's 30th anniversary in 2021.   



GÖPEL electronic GmbH founded


Digital Image Processing division opens, now known as Inspection Solutions


GÖPEL electronic employs 20 employees


Move into first company-owned building on the Jena-Göschwitz industrial park


Service office opens in the USA


Annual turnover exceeds €10 million for the first time


Second company building opens within the immediate vicinity of the first building


Number of employees exceeds 100


Service office opens in Great Britain


Opening of the third company building


Annual turnover exceeds €20 million


Indian subsidiary GOEPEL electronic India Pvt. Ltd. founded in Bangalore


GÖPEL electronic employs more than 200 employees


Opening of the fourth company building


Alternation of generations: Alice Göpel takes over Managing Director position


New record turnover of € 40 million


30th company anniversary of GOEPEL electronic



Sales and support office opens in Malaysia


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