Selective Solder Joint Inspection with Selective Line

The Integration Solution for Selective Solder Joint Inspection at the Highest Level

The Selective Line 3D is a powerful AOI integration module for the inspection of selective solder joints - available in two performance classes, in 2D or 3D image technology. 

Based on the modular design of the camera and the lighting head, it can be flexibly integrated into the periphery of selective soldering systems. Depending on the model the system contains modern 2D technology or a combination of 2D and 3D image recognition technology. This overall solution with its intuitive system software creates the possibility to evaluate selective solder joints reliably and reproducibly.

Highlights Selective Line 3D

  • determination of solder flow, solder volume and pin height of THT solder joints
  • easy integration into periphery of selective soldering systems
  • combined 2D and 3D image acquisition technology
  • modular overall package with hardware and software

Highlights Selective Line 2D

  • flexibly adaptable even for large component clearances
  • unique multispectral and multidirectional illumination
  • reproducible 2D THT solder joint inspection
  • modular overall package with hardware and software

Industry 4.0 and MES

global data management and MES connection as well as central verification across several production lines with

» PILOT Connect  » PILOT Supervisor


  • outstanding ease of use with the system software PILOT AOI
  • highest fault detection through different inspection methods as well as individually expandable inspection functions and library entries
  • maximum inspection reliability through verification of the inspection depth and monitoring of defect detection
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