Reliable failure detection and economical use of AOI

We are always striving to offer you innovative and resource-saving inspection solutions, bolstered by powerful features. Employing proven methods and pioneering technologies, we ensure that efficiency and your product's quality always take center stage.



Confidence in the AOI process. A matter of balance.

Each manufacturing process for electronic assemblies is somewhat unique, necessitating the adaptation of tolerance values for specific AOI test functions. For the user, this is often a balancing act between false rejects and undetected errors.

Modern tools included in our PILOT AOI software provide you with reliable and time-saving assistance.
For instance, upon graphical adjustment of limit values, the results for the entire assembly are promptly displayed, without the need for program re-execution. Furthermore, a test is conducted against the entries in the reference database, allowing you to promptly observe the impact on the stored pass and fail samples.

The delicate balancing act between false rejects and fault escapes thus becomes a dependable approach to quality testing!

As failure classification at the verification station is carried out by humans, it is difficult to prevent mistakes in the decision process. Here, too, robust tools come to the rescue. For example, our AI Advisor can oversee all failure classifications and provide recommendations in case of inconsistencies. To proactively avoid inaccurate classifications, operators can undergo training at the verification station using a training mode, with the opportunity to receive a certificate upon completion of the training.


Deep valleys and glistening surfaces. 3D AOI for every design.

Tall and densely populated components can greatly hinder comprehensive 3D measurements on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). Not so with the Vario Line - 3D AOI system from GÖPEL electronic, which provides the deepest insights at every point without shadowing, thanks to its 360° measurement capability.

With adaptive exposure control for 3D measurements, you can accurately determine whether the glossy, black component has been correctly placed on the dark substrate (PCB). Always tailored to the relevant situation on the specific PCBA. And don’t worry about those taller components – our equipment can apply 3D measurements to components up to 35 mm tall, with maximum resolution at the PCB level, just as needed for SMT inspection.


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Saving resources. With AI and a digital twin.

Employees are a valuable asset and are challenging to find in today's world. Thus, the resource conservation is imperative. To aid you in this endeavour, GÖPEL electronic provides a comprehensive array of efficient features to alleviate the human workload on AOI systems:

As if by magic, the award-winning MagicClick tool creates fully automatic test programmes,including the associated library - at the touch of a button and with optimally adjusted parameters to accommodate process variations.

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When necessary, test parameters can also be adjusted directly at the verification station - of course only if the operator has been granted the appropriate authorisation. If false rejections have been triggered by an unidentified  second-source component, for instance, and the reject magazine has been filled with multiple such false reject PCBAs, the entries in the failure database can be re-examined virtually at the touch of a button following adjustment of the associated parameters. The false rejects vanish as if by magic - without the need for rechecking the PCBAs or any further intervention from the operators.

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The use of "digital twins" also offers potential for saving resources. Realistic data preparation and simulation of solder joints enable a virtual model of the assembly and thus the creation and adjustment of test programmes, even before production begins.

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