Test of displays or camera systems with LVDS interface

G CAR 6222 Video Dragon

Capture and generation of video data in a single device (frame grabber & frame generator)

  • modular design consisting of base board and media interface
  • easy adaptation to different serialisers/ deserialisers
  • supports GMSL, FPD Link and APIX standards for image data
  • sideband communication via UART, I²C, SPI or MII, depending on the media interface
  • configurable resolution depending on frame rate
  • transmission of data streams (insertion into existing systems without influencing them)
  • available as stand-alone box as well as PCIe and PXIe variants

* G-Patch-6222 variants available on request to adapt Video Dragon to the unit under test

Configuration and control software for 6222 Video Dragon

Dragon Suite 

The 6222 Video Dragon comes with the intuitive "Dragon Suite" application software. This gives the user the opportunity to operate the numerous features and setting options of the Video Dragon from simple and clear surfaces, without special programming knowledge.

The software includes panels for:

  • Settings of the Frame Generator
  • Settings of the Frame Grabber
  • Display and saving images and videos
  • Output of pictures and videos
  • sideband communication (I²C, UART, SPI)
  • Filesystem Browser

For customers who want to integrate the 6222 Video Dragon into their own applications, the hardware-independent G-API is available. This programming interface provides all functions supported by the hardware and included in the Dragon Suite.

Configuration and control software for 6222 Video Dragon

Dragon Suite Advanced

Dragon Suite Advanced is the extension of Dragon Suite with additional features and functions. Of particular note is the script interface - a powerful and flexible tool for creating, saving and executing complex sequences. For example, very extensive initialisation sequences can be started at the touch of a button and made available to other users.

Another feature of Dragon Suite Advanced is the support of the CAN interface of the Video Dragon, which enables routing of CAN messages to the sideband of the video interface (UART).

Additional functions of Dragon Suite Advanced:

  • monitoring of the sideband communication
  • support of various image formats in the live view window
  • recording of raw data (multi-channel streaming with time stamps and meta information)
  • convenient editing functions for defining and outputting test patterns

basic CON 4121 Video Dragon

Generation and evaluation of video data

  • configurable as a frame grabber or frame generator
  • broad spectrum of interchangeable serializer/deserializer types, e.g. for APIX 1/2, FPD Link I/II/III, HDMI, GMSL
  • integrated onboard processor with video co-processor
  • FPGA for signal processing
  • time stamp (real time clock) for data recording
  • precise pixel comparison of different frames
  • optional CAN FD interface to test item control

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