ChipVORX - IP based software technology

ChipVORX is an IP-based technology for implementation, access and control of Chip embedded Instruments via IEEE Std. 1149.x/JTAG. It also supports FPGA embedded instruments in the form of softcores. The ChipVORX library currently contains more than…

⁣VarioTAP - Processor Emulation

The VarioTAP IP technology is used to control a processor using the debug port. You use VarioTAP to access the register level of a microcontroller and use its integrated structures. You can access it via the JTAG interface or other debug interfaces…

JEDOS - Embedded Diagnostic Test System

JEDOS is the "JTAG Embedded Diagnostics Operating System". As an embedded test & diagnostics operating system, it is able to perform functional tests in real time using the native processor. It provides maximum fault coverage and comprehensive…

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