Prototype Test and Debugging using tools from GÖPEL electronic

Easy entry in Embedded JTAG Solutions

Development and prototyping are at the very beginning of the electronics value chain. In this phase, prototypes are subject to frequent design changes. GÖPEL electronic offers cost-effective complete packages, which already contain all the necessary tools for a powerful and comfortable test program creation, execution and error diagnosis, reacting flexibly and quickly to re-designs.

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  • complete hardware and software package
  • no layout information necessary for test programs
  • automated test generation and pin-failure diagnosis
  • debugging of BGA pins and embedded nets
  • early verification of the Boundary Scan infrastructure
  • no firmware necessary

Universal Tool to adapt Boards and Modules

SCANFLEX Board Grabber

The SCANFLEX Board Grabber has been developed to support prototype verification and programming in the laboratory or at repair stations. It has a width-adjustable bracket that fixes PCBs of various sizes. 

Due to the integrated swivel mechanism, both the top and bottom side of the PCB can be easily reached. 

The SCANFLEX Board Grabber also offers the possibility to use freely positionable needle probes. They provide a simple and reliable means to contact smallest pads or component pins and can be used to contact measurement equipment, e.g. oscilloscopes, logic analyzers or other test instruments.

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