Restbus Simulation for Automotive Applications

Despite the standardization efforts, the manageable number of bus systems for vehicle control unit networking is countered by a flood of different communication protocols and functional scopes.

To approach a control unit for test purposes via its communication interface, a great difficulty for development or test engineers is to simulate the real conditions in the vehicle.

This task is solved by the Series 62 communication controllers in conjunction with the Net2Run software.

  • The controllers of Series 62 are the most powerful test controllers for ECUs. The 62 Series architecture is based on an MPSoC (Multiprocessor System-on-a-Chip) and the combination of several processors with an FPGA in one chip creates the basis for the high performance of the controllers.

    Like the Series 61 controllers the successors are characterized by flexible channel configuration and a variety of options. 

    » More about Series 62

  • The software is an easy way to simulate complex vehicle networks and gateways.

    Net2Run is a solution for the signal-based rest bus simulation of heterogeneous vehicle networks.

    » More about Net2Run

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