Load Simulation

The monitoring of load currents is often useful in test and measurement systems for electronic assemblies and in the area of Automotive Test, in Industrial electronics and Automation technologies.

The USB controllers were specifically developed as control units of versatile modular load switching systems which can be operated both via USB and Digital I/O.

Several options allow the modification of these load boxes to a unit, which not only provides load switches but includes these loads in itself. A compact device for load simulation is thereby available which can easily be configured by means of the standard load modules.

USB Controller (Master / Slave)

USB-M/S 48

  • control relays (up to 500 mA primary current) directly from the PC
  • additional drivers not needed
  • control up to 48 relays
  • via expansion line the USB master controller can control up to two USB slave controllers (USB-S 48).
  • switch-in of original or equivalent loads at UUT outputs and inputs
  • loop-in of shunt resistors into the load circuit to detect load currents.
  • provision of galvanically decoupled control signals for the control of external and internal relays.
  • build-up of relays matrixes

USB Controller USB 5301

  • programmable potential-free resistive load for the simulation of output loading
  • current measuring function for load current monitoring
  • temperature monitoring
  • available as plug-in card or as standalone box connecting to a PC

Technical Data USB 5301

  • load range 6 Ohm to 2K Ohm
  • on-board multiplexer for four load channel
  • maximum load current 2 A with 24 V
  • integrated self test

USB 5301 is a board for utilisation in USB Rack System

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