The Sound Checker for analysing structure-borne and airborne noise

Sound Analysis in the Automotive Sector

Sound Checker

Sound Checker™ is a stand-alone system for sound analysis of structure-borne and airborne noise. It consists of a measurement data collecting unit, structure-borne sound sensors or open air microphones for laboratory and end-of-line solution. Interfering noises and assembly errors in mechanical systems will be detected via frequency analysis.

The installation software can be run on each PC with USB interface. GÖPEL electronic additionally offers completely set-up PC systems with preconfigured impact sound measurement equipment.

Artificial Intelligence

The Sound Checker can be equipped with optional AI connection interfaces.

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  • complex analysis processes
  • simple parameterization of specific impact and airborne sound evaluations
  • the Sound Checker tool can be synchronized and controlled via a common communication interface
  • installation of the software parallel to user specific applications to execute impact sound analyses

Structure-borne sound analysis

In order to integrate a structure-borne sound analysis into a test system, it is possible to install the software in parallel with your own application.

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