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End-of-Line Test Platform for Vehicle Seats

Seat Tester OsCAR

Seat Test System OsCAR

GOEPEL electronic’s seat test system “OsCAR” is a universal platform that can be utilised across a wide range of requirements and units under test (UUT) without complex reconfiguration and reprogramming. Airbags, belt buckles, seat occupancy detection, movement modes, heatings and more can be tested.  

The tester’s hardware is always identical regardless of what seat from which vehicle manufacturer should be tested – in its basic configuration every common seat can be tested.

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The OsCAR software is modularly configured. Thus, the software system is able to execute all analysis processes in parallel.

OsCAR can also be used offline to create and edit test sequences with the help of simulated measurement data

System Software with Touch User Interface
System Software with Touch User Interface