EMIL Technology Day brings Electronic Manufacturing & Inspection Solutions to life

If you've long wanted to get hands-on with electronics, the EMIL Technology Day on March 1, 2023 in Böblingen is just the place for you.

SEICA and its partners, such as GÖPEL electronic GmbH, invite to the lecture series "Production Technologies of the Future" and offer a full day of a potpourri of practical contributions.

Expert lectures and live demonstrations give an outlook into the electronics production of the future. All production steps up to the test will be illuminated by expert contributions as well as live demonstrations. Speakers will answer the questions: How is the electronics industry developing? What are the challenges facing electronics manufacturing and what innovative solutions are available?

Alexander Beck, Team Manager Boundary Scan Integration, emphasizes: "Especially experts for test equipment and test technologies in the electronics industry face different requirements from production to test. Relief is provided by the integration of Embedded JTAG Solutions into existing production and expands a wide range of testing and programming options." Alexander Beck will also personally give a presentation focusing on "Testing without a dot - ATE on Board with Embedded JTAG". The subsequent live demonstration of the JULIET Series 3, a fully production-ready JTAG/ boundary scan tester, illustrates the practical nature of the Technology Day. Presentations and practical demonstrations by other partners round off the one-day event.

technology day EMIL

Lecture series "Production Technologies of the Future"

Created by Christina Schellbach | | Embedded JTAG Solutions

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