Combined Flying Probe Test and JTAG/Boundary Scan for Multiple PCBs

Expanded Testing for Digitaltest MTS505 Flying Prober

The integration of GOEPEL electronic Embedded JTAG Solutions into the Condor MTS505 Flying Probe Tester from Digitaltest has been extended to include testing of multiple PCBs and panels. The combination of both test methods thus offers a cost and time efficient platform for the testing of complex electrical assemblies in production and results in a significant extension of the test coverage compared to the individual methods.

The standard integration for the flying probe tester Condor MTS505 has been extended by the ability of the panel or multi PCB test. UUTs with multiple assemblies can now be tested in one system and take full advantage of both test technologies. This results in the availability of the complete JTAG / Boundary Scan potential within the flying probe system for complete multiple use, which significantly improves production throughput. Each board is combined tested, the results are recorded in a unified protocol.

This allows optimal use of Flying Probe resources within the JTAG / Boundary Scan test, thus providing increased test depth and test coverage as well as the full range of Embedded JTAG Solutions from GOEPEL electronic. Coordination of the boards in the panel and running the tests is executed through Digitaltest's CITE software, so nothing changes in the familiar operating environment. This test plan includes the tests created by the Embedded JTAG Solutions Software SYSTEM CASCON.

Digitaltest Condor MTS505 Flying Probe Tester

Digitaltest Condor MTS505 with Embedded JTAG Solutions Integration

Created by Matthias Müller | | Integration Embedded JTAG Solutions 嵌入式JTAG解决方案

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