Fast Inspection of Solder and Sinter Pastes with SPI Line · 3D

Solder Paste Inspection and Sinter Paste Inspection with SPI Line · 3D

The inline inspection system for printed solder paste is characterized by a wide measuring range. Conventional solder pastes with a height of 80 μm to 150 μm can be measured just as well as sinter pastes with a height of only 20 μm. The system is available in various resolution configurations.

The solder paste depots are inspected according to the criteria of shape, height, area, bridges, volume, x/y offset and coplanarity.

The sinter paste inspection also includes the detection of particles, notches, holes and frayings in the depot.

Differences Solder Paste and Sinter Paste

Attribute Solder Paste Sinter Paste
Paste Height 80 µm … 150 µm 20 µm … 50 µm
Paste Area ~ mm² ~ cm²
Structural Size (Paste) 25 - 45 µm < 3 µm
Test Functions Height, Area, Volume, Offset, Form, Bridging Height, Area, Volume, Offset, Form, Bridging, Particle, Notches, Holes, Frayings

Success Story: Batenburg Industriële Elektronica

Detecting Faults at the Earliest Stage

The Dutch company Batenburg Industriële Elektronica develops and produces industrial electronics for Aerospace, Medical and Automotive industries. As a EMS company, Batenburg ensures customers of full support during the long product life cycles of their products. In flexible production processes there will be high reliable electronic products produced - from prototypes and small series of 5 pieces up to volumes of 10.000 per batch.

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  • find reason for soldering defects in assembling process 
  • meet the high quality standards of the aerospace industry


  • early fault detection with SPI Line · 3D
    • detection of paste deposition defects
    • assemblies with detected solder paste defects sorted out after paste printing
  • monitoring of stencil printing
    • correct position of the solder paste depot
    • measures the deposit volumes and volume distribution


  • high-precision 3D image acquisition through fringe projection technology without moving parts
  • speed-optimized camera head
  • double-sided projection for 100% shadow-free measurement
  • measuring paste heights from 20 µm


  • PILOT SPI - user software
  • touchscreen interface
  • generation of test programs in less than 10 minutes via SPI Wizard
  • closed loop to paste printer
  • data connection with AOI/AXI on a combined repair station

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