PILOT Verify/Rework

Linked display and classification of SPI, AOI and AXI faults

PILOT Verify/Rework displays all inspection results of the SPI, AOI and AXI machines together. This enables a reliable assessment of previously detected faults. By linking the inspection results, it is possible to draw conclusions about the cause of the fault and the associated production step. In this way, the production process can be optimised.

Users also have the option of verifying inspection data from other manufacturers' systems in the PILOT Verify/Rework software. This avoids the need to switch between the software modules of different manufacturers. Uniform defect classification with one software is thus possible.

In addition, there are many other automation options. For example, an automatic group verification (time saving) or the automatic change of the display depending on the inspection technology for even more comfort and safer decisions.

Configuring PILOT Verify/Rework for different setups in electronics manufacturing

  • Stand-alone solution
  • Inline verification
  • Central verification
  • Multi verification for assembly workstations
  • Repair workstations

PILOT Rework

Optimize the repair process in electronics production

PILOT Rework is a software for rework stations in electronics production that visualizes faulty assemblies. It graphically displays the exact location of faults on printed circuit boards, including affected components and solder joints. This enables faults such as faulty solder joints or incorrectly positioned components to be repaired quickly and precisely. "PILOT Rework" increases the efficiency of the repair process and improves the quality of the end products.

Integrated test programme optimisation

The test programme can be called up directly from PILOT Verify/Rework during optimisation with the corresponding test step. It is not necessary to switch to the offline programming software. Pseudo faults can be debugged and eliminated quickly and conveniently.


Integrated re-test

After the inspection programme optimisation, previously saved inspection data is re-evaluated. The optimised inspection programme reclassifies the existing data with the new inspection programme settings.


Integrated training mode

An integrated training mode enables the training of your operating personnel through individually created training plans. For this purpose, already classified faults from real production data sets can be transferred to the training plan.


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