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Our target markets and customers are diverse, just like the fields of activity at GÖPEL electronic. Almost all of them have one thing in common: sophisticated technologies play a significant role for us in every area.


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Maybe you're a software specialist, or maybe hardware is your hobby? Do you like working closely with clients, or do you prefer to do your own thing? Do you like having tools in your hands, or do you prefer pen and paper? Do you prefer to be under power, or are you a friend of optics, lasers and cameras? Maybe you'd like to work on artificial intelligence, or experience the latest developments in the Automotive Industry up close?

In any of the cases above, GÖPEL electronic is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of fields with numerous perspectives, depending on what suits you best. For over 30 years, we have relied on flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes. For you, that will mean a high level of personal responsibility, and a great deal of individual freedom to make decisions, so that you can allow your creativity free reign. At the same time, we offer you many opportunities to develop yourself individually. Become the master of your own projects!

It doesn't matter much what educational background you have or what professional experience you can fall back on. At GÖPEL electronic, everone who is enthusiastic about electronic technologies, electrical engineering, computer science or other scientific fields, passionate about working on complex topics, and open to new things is welcome.

For both school and tertiary students, we offer Internships in various areas (many of our long standing employees once started with an internship!). We also welcome working students and dual Students, as well as graduates, writing their Final Thesis or dissertation on one of these topics.

Do you already have your degree in your pocket, but looking for a good entry-level opportunity? We also offer you good opportunities here. You will get to know the different areas of GÖPEL electronic and can count on experienced colleagues who will support you in taking your first steps in you career. If you already have professional  and practical experience, we offer numerous new challenges and demanding projects. In well-established teams, you will take on responsibility from the very beginning and can live out your creativity in an innovative environment.


We are always looking for support in the following areas

  • Application
  • Manufacturing
  • Hardware development
  • Design
  • Software development
  • Distribution

Michael Schmidt

Senior Team Manager im Bereich Automotive Test Solutions

"I have been working for GÖPEL electronic since 2000. I started my career as a dual student of practical computer science at the Berufsakademie Gera with GÖPEL electronic as a practical partner. From the very beginning I have had the opportunity to develop professionally and personally with commitment. The technically demanding tasks in which I am involved have allowed me to grow from a development engineer to a project manager and finally to a technical division manager."

To make high-tech work, become part of our team!


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