Development Test Bench for DC Motors

Characteristic curve test bench for torques from max. 1 Nm to max. 100 Nm and speeds up to 10,000 rpm

CARMEN - Characteristic Test Bench for DC Motors

As a test environment for development and validation applications, CARMEN is a flexible system that can be configured as a 1-, 2- or 3-track system.

The advantage here is that a wide range of different UUTs (e.g. with or without a gear unit) can be tested easily and without the need for conversion. Test sections with active load machines of different power classes, high torques up to 70 Nm and a robust mechanics can be integrated as well as test sections with high speeds, torques less than 0.5 Nm and filigree mechanics.

A freely programmable drive system, which can function as both a braking and drive unit in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (4-quadrant operation) of the test object, is part of the standard system scope. The test system also includes a high-precision torque sensor and a fieldbus controller, which can, for example, provide CAN or LIN residual bus simulation and the electrical diagnostic interface for the DUT.

All mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, overload capacity and the technical data such as efficiency and power factor are determined.

Application of the test scenarios via the central, cross-system database

If the test sequences are optimally parameterised, suitable load scenarios are programmed, certain operating point and limit parameters are determined, then these are administered via a central database, assigned to the test object type and applied across systems.

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In addition to the above mentioned standard parameters we also offer you further configurations of an engine test bench. We would be pleased to submit a proposal tailored to your specific applications!

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CARMEN development test benches are suitable for DC motors from all application areas with

  • Voltages up to 30 V
  • Currents up to 300 A
  • Torques up to 100 Nm
  • Speeds up to 10,000 rpm
  • BLDC (brushless DC motors) with integrated electronics

How the measurement and drive technology of CARMEN test systems works

    Mechanical load

    • active with servo motor
    • passive with hysteresis brake
    • passive mechanical fixed

    Support of the automotive communication interfaces

    The Series 62 and Series 61 Automotive Multibus Controllers enable simple control of the UUTs via the bus systems CAN, LIN, K-Line, etc. of the automotive industry, up to residual bus simulation for complex ECUs.

    ► Learn more about Series 62/61

    High Current Technology

    • High-current switch for time-optimized switching of the UUTs under load with buffered sense-feedback to enable a regulated voltage supply
    • Working ranges from sleep mode with <10 µA to full load within the system limits of 30 V and 300 A

    More about CARMEN Development Test Bench


    White Paper

    Read here why a comprehensive test platform is worthwhile!
    Download white paper on the CARMEN test platform.




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