High demand for robotics setup confirms test automation trend

Trade fair demonstrator becomes a visitor magnet at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart 2023

GÖPEL electronic presented its innovative robotics setup at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart. The trade fair demonstrator for practical illustration of automated test procedures was a real visitor magnet at the trade fair stand.  

Test automation is "the" indispensable tool for efficiency and reliability in the product life cycle of many important components in the automotive industry. Increasingly complex testing requirements and a growing shortage of skilled workers are also acting as catalysts. GÖPEL electronic as an innovation and development partner in the implementation of test automation solutions shows with the robotics setup what a completely automated test cycle in the infotainment area could look like. 

Michael Schmidt, Team Leader Automotive Test Solutions at GÖPEL electronic, explains: "We see here a combined interaction of different technologies from GÖPEL electronic. It is a vivid proof of our comprehensive expertise in testing and simulating innovative automotive electronics and mechatronics." He adds: "Our goal is to offer our customers suitable systems that represent real added value. Our demo system is first and foremost an illustration of our know-how."

The "all-rounder", which was in great demand at the Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, houses a robot with a haptic finger including sensors and a camera for optical verification. A display from the cockpit of a vehicle serves as the test object. The display is controlled via an extensive residual bus simulation in connection with a generic image source. The proven Video Dragon, the 62 series multibus communication controllers as well as the software tool chains Net2Run and Dragon Suite from GÖPEL electronic are used.

With the haptic operation of the display by a "finger" with integrated force-displacement measurement, defined user inputs can be simulated. The setup is complemented with the stand-alone device Sound Checker, which thus enables an analysis of the acoustics and/or, in combination with structure-borne sound sensors, an evaluation of the haptic feedback of the display surface.

Visitors to the booth perceived the robotics setup as a perfect user experience: 
A variety of individually tailored solutions for the automation of tests, the associated quality assurance of the end products and the saving of valuable resources offer the user a tangible benefit. 
The robotics setup is now available for interested visitors in the showroom of the Jena-based company.

Trade fair demonstrator at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart 2023
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