Stress Module for Automotive Ethernet Applications

Manipulation of Automotive Ethernet ECU Communication

With basicCON 4045, GOEPEL electronic presents a stress module specifically for automotive ethernet applications (BroadR-Reach). The simulation of physical faults manipulates the ECU communications, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the stability and robustness of Ethernet vehicle applications.

The user can select various short circuits on the data line, disconnect the data line or generate attenuations. The basicCON 4045 module is suitable for use in validation systems for Ethernet controllers, e.g. the GOEPEL electronic networking test system or other user-specific networking tests in the laboratory and in the vehicle.  

The basicCON 4045 has two separate and independent BroadR-Reach channels and is available with Ethernet or USB interface. 

basicCON 4045 Stand-Alone Ethernet Stress Module

basicCON 4045 Automotive Ethernet Stress Module


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