JTAG/Boundary Scan meets Automotive Test at MOTORWORLD in Cologne and Munich

MOTORWORLD as exclusive ambience for modern testing technology

For electronics designers and test engineers with a passion for automobiles, GÖPEL electronic is organizing an extraordinary roadshow at MOTORWORLD in Cologne on 14th March 2024 and in Munich on 20th March 2024. The two events are aimed at designers who want to understand the entire product manufacturing process and get a feel for where printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBA) will ultimately be used. The roadshow is also aimed at test engineers and shows participants which manufacturing test stages the product has already gone through before it is subjected to a final quality test.

Engaging presentations and practical demonstrations will clearly explain the methodologies for the testing and programming of electronic assemblies and PCBAs using JTAG/Boundary Scan and related technologies. FlashFOX, an innovative solution for embedded in-system programming (ISP) of microcontrollers, flash components and PLD/FPGAs, will be demonstrated as a practical use case. SCANFLEX II CUBE systems offer unique support for embedded JTAG solutions (EJS) based on the latest multi-core processors and FPGAs. This multifunctional architecture enables the flexible, high-performance combination of numerous technologies on a single platform.

In addition, various test technologies for the functional test and diagnosis of automotive control units (ECUs), such as options for the test of in-vehicle video interfaces, will be presented. The user-friendly application software Dragon Suite, combined with the versatile hardware interface Video Dragon, will be presented as a powerful and modular solution for testing camera and display-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

As one of the world's largest brand-independent automobile and sports car centers, MOTORWORLD offers an impressive backdrop for networking at both events. The ambience brings technology and the fascination for mobility to life and thus impressively demonstrates established test and inspection methodologies in electronics manufacturing and production. At the same time the two events offer an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge to further advance electronics test and programming efficiency in the automotive sector. The strategic combination of technologies from Embedded JTAG Solutions and Automotive Test Solutions opens new opportunities for increasing test coverage and for meeting the requirements in production and development practice more intelligently.

JTAG/Boundary Scan meets Automotive Test
Created by Beatrix Hofmann | | Roadshow Embedded JTAG Solutions Automotive Test Solutions


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