test technology highlights from boundary scan to automotive test at embedded world

At embedded world 2023 in Nuremberg, we will present our new and expanded electronics test technologies in the areas of Embedded JTAG Solutions and Automotive Test Solutions.

We would like to support the decisive factors of time and resources in the production process of electronic assemblies with our proven solutions.

With the highlight FlashFOX®, the latest version of the SYSTEM CASCONTM system software and the new JTAG Bridge as part of the ChipVORX technology, programming times can be reduced, more flexible action can be taken and costs can be saved.

FlashFOX® is a stand-alone production programmer, i.e. a compact unit that focuses solely on the programming of electronic assemblies. The technology, known as "embedded in-system programming (ISP)", programs microcontrollers, flash components and PLD/FPGA on-board, i.e. in the already installed state. FlashFOX also enables embedded conditioning of the board to ensure stable access and secure programming.

The current version 4.9.0. of the SYSTEM CASCON system software for automatic test programme generation presents numerous helpful functions. The integrated Production Inspector is configurable and has new features, which our experts will be happy to explain at the stand. The support of the IEEE standards 1149.1-2023 is additionally part of the latest version. We also don't want to deprive visitors of the innovations of ViPX technology. ViPX provides the user with a visualisation tool to easily display complex board and test information. Finally, the accelerated execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers is an important new feature of CASCON 4.9.0.

The new solution JTAG Bridge as part of the ChipVORX technology family allows to extend own FPGA designs with test instruments. The JTAG Bridge serves as a communication element for the simple connection and control of the functional design blocks via the JTAG interface and enables assembly tests without the use of further external measuring devices. Other debug solutions are not blocked by the JTAG Bridge.

Interested parties from the automotive sector will also get their money's worth:
The combination of the intuitive Dragon Suite user software and the Video Dragon as a flexible hardware interface provides a powerful, modular solution for testing camera and display applications, which can be seen in live demos. The current transmission standards for GMSL, FPD-Link and APIX are supported, including the various sideband protocols used.
For the creation of complex, heterogeneous residual bus simulations based on AUTOSAR data definitions, a strong duo will be presented: The tool chain Net2Run with its configurator optimally supports the user in the selection of the signals and PDUs required for the residual bus simulation on the current vehicle buses. The configured residual bus simulation runs directly on the self-intelligent 62 series multibus controllers.

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