Frame grabber and generator for quality assurance of ADAS components

Powerful tool for testing and validating camera-based driver assistance systems

Cameras and sensor systems are becoming more and more complex in the course of progressing ADAS technologies. With 6222 Video Dragon, GÖPEL electronic launches a new generation of powerful tools for testing and validating camera-based driver assistance systems.

The 6222 Video Dragon is both a frame grabber and generator, enabling the capturing and output of video data in one device. It can be used to record, process and accurately reproduce large amounts of data via FPD-Link II/III, GMSL2 and APIX2/3 in the development, production and quality assurance of camera systems and ADAS components. Optional special functions such as sideband communication via UART, I²C, SPI or MII and a CAN bus interface are also available.

Thanks to the modular design of the base board and exchangeable media interfaces, 6222 Video Dragon can be used flexibly and individually adapted. The module supports various serializers and deserializers and is freely configurable in resolution up to 4k. State-of-the-art Xilinx MPSoC technology and a real-time operating system form the basis for high performance with minimal latencies.

On the software side, the Dragon Suite serves as an intuitive interface to the user. The operating software can be easily configured without programming knowledge. This makes the 6222 Video Dragon ready for immediate use. Alternatively, the G API for Windows and Linux forms the programming interface for integration into existing test systems or customer software frameworks. 6222 Video Dragon is available as stand-alone box "G CAR 6222 Video Dragon" and as PCIe card "G PCIe 6222 Video Dragon". A PXIe version will also be available.

PCIe 6222 Video Dragon - Frame Grabber and Generator

Frame Grabber and Generator

Dragon Suite

User Software Dragon Suite

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