Resistance Simulation

These boards for resistance simulation are used in general control technology, especially for applications in automotive technology. The relay boards offered here are used to simulate resistance sensors in test systems.

These PC plug-in cards are based on the format of the CompactPCI™ bus and can be operated in any slot of a CompactPCI™ system or PXI™ system.

PXI 4008

The relay board PXI 4008 is a universal board for the generation of resistors with 4 step resistors each. The simulated resistors are potential-free. 

The design of the PXI 4008 board allows 8 resistors to be realized with 4 step individual resistors each.

If the 8 resistors are combined with each other, a resistor with steps of 32 individual resistors is available. If you use the board in its basic configuration (8 resistors), it offers the possibility of switching each resistor with one pole to two different potentials.

This plug-in card has no jumpers and is automatically integrated into the respective system.


basic CON 4009 / PXI 4009

The modules of series 4009 serve as simulation of resistances and potentiometers with centre tap. They provide two separate resistance channels. Both channels are potential-free. Furthermore, it is possible to program complete resistance sweep via the driver, and to output them seamlessly.

  • 2 seperate resistance channels
  • PXI, USB and Stand-alone available

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